The End & The Beginning

“There is a persistent sense that cinema imitates the movement of the mind, that there is a correspondence (however elusive) to be discovered between psyche and cinema. “
~ Vicky Lebeau, author of Psychoanalysis and Cinema: The Play of Shadows


It’s the end of the year and the beginning of this blog – a space which I hope will connect cinematic experiences with everyday life.

I was tempted to begin by writing my own list of  the “bests” and “worsts” of 2011, and then I read NPR’s “The 20 Unhappiest People You Meet in the Comments Sections of Year-End Lists.”

It made me laugh  – probably because I have both read comments of that nature and can also identify with some of those “unhappy people”. Thus, not wanting to begin my blog by alienating people, I thought it best to simply include a list of all of the films I have seen in 2011 – **coming soon** (I plan on going to the movies tomorrow night, so publication will need to come no sooner than 12/31).

So consider this an introduction to something I hope you and others may enjoy: musings on movies, the media and the mind 🙂




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