My Adventures with Tintin

It’s winter break! For me the week between Christmas and the New Year is traditionally filled with friends, family and fun. And by “friends” I specifically mean old friends, the ones I have had the pleasure of knowing since high school, middle school, and even elementary school. I consider myself incredibly fortunate 🙂

Yesterday a small group of us went to see The Adventures of Tintin 3D. Well, most of us saw it in 3D, My wonderful friend, Katy, can’t stand 3D (there seems to be a variety of reasons for this, the most compelling being nausea), so she opted (I kid you not) to watch the whole movie in blurry 2D – she claimed she didn’t mind.

Unfortunately, I know nothing of the original comic book series from which the movie is based, so my review is uninformed to say the least. I thought it was cute, a bit scary considering it is aimed at children (murder, alcoholism, greed, etc.) and even a bit obnoxious (the catch-phrase “blistering barnacles” is said a bit too often for my fancy). What stood out to me (and to the rest of my friends) was the animation. The animation is incredible (and if the girl watching it in blurry 3D agrees, it must be true). The artistry that went into creating each character and crafting each movement and scene is truly breathtaking.

The film is lacking in morality (unless you count ‘revenge’), an overall message (There seems to be an underlying opinion that excessive drinking isn’t great, and that living life more consciously is better, but this is vague.), and much desired character development (Why does Tintin look 12 but operate like a clever and limber 40-year-old?). What it does have is adventure, fantastic animation and a really cute dog.

4 Responses to “My Adventures with Tintin”
  1. Matt Stewart says:

    Lucky! I really want to see this but it won’t come out in a theater near me.

    Good work!

  2. skorpen says:

    Awesome illos for your movie reviews!
    As a long time fan of the Tintin books, it’s cool to see what non-fans think of the movie. I can’t argue with your assessment.

    • psychcine says:

      Thanks! Coming from you that’s quite a compliment 🙂
      I do wish I had been at least somewhat familiar with the TinTin series, especially growing up – I think I would have enjoyed the film more. Glad to read it fulfilled your childhood vision!

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