The movies of my 2011


This time last year I decided to record all of the movies I watched, how I watched them, and the number of times I had seen the particular film. The list below is a concise recording of every film I watched from beginning to end, no matter how much I love or hate to admit it.

Here it is:

January 2011

  • Despicable Me, DVD, second viewing
  • Date Night, DVD, second viewing
  • Avatar, DVD, second viewing
  • Black Swan, @ theater, first viewing
  • Invictus, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • Shutter Island, Netflix streaming, first viewing

February 2011

  • Groundhog Day, Netflix Streaming, third viewing
  • The King’s Speech, @ theater, first viewing
  • Winter’s Bone, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • 127 Hours, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Kids Are All Right, @ theater, first viewing
  • True Grit, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Fighter, @ theater, first viewing
  • Just Go With It, @ theater, first viewing

March 2011

  • Social Network, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Unknown, @ theater, first viewing
  • Firelight, Netflix DVD, first viewing

April 2011

  • Never Let Me Go, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • The Princess and the Frog, Apple TV Movies, first viewing
  • The Muppets take Manhattan, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Source Code, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Town, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • Arthur, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Last Temptation of Christ, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Cabaret, Netflix DVD, second viewing
  • Insidious, @ theater, first viewing

May 2011

  • Rabbit Hole, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, @ theater, first viewing

June 2011

  • The Cove, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Date Night, DVD, third viewing
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins, @ theater, first viewing
  • Green Lantern, @ theater, first viewing
  • Bridesmaids, @ theater, first viewing

July 2011

  • X-Men: First Class, @ theater, first viewing
  • Page One: Inside The New York Times, @ theater, first viewing
  • High Anxiety, DVD, first viewing
  • The Trip, @ theater, first viewing
  • Io Sono L’amore (I am Love), Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Horrible Bosses, @ theater, first viewing
  • April Showers, Netflix streaming, first viewing

August 2011

  • Super 8, @ theater, first viewing
  • Kung Fu Panda 2, @ theater, first viewing
  • Captain America: The First Avenger, @ drive-in theater, first viewing
  • Cowboys & Aliens, @ drive-in theater, first viewing
  • Hereafter, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • Spaceballs, Netflix streaming, second viewing

September 2011

  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Debt, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Green Mile, DVD, first viewing
  • A Single Man, Starz TV, first viewing
  • Just Go With It, DVD, second viewing
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, DVD, third viewing
  • 50/50, @ theater, first viewing

October 2011

  • The Lion King 3D, @ theater, fourth viewing
  • The Dark Knight, DVD, third viewing
  • The Wedding Singer, DVD, third viewing
  • The Ides of March, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Others, Netflix streaming, second viewing
  • The Thing, @ theater, first viewing
  • Blue Valentine, Netflix DVD, first viewing
  • Paranormal Activity 2, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Event Horizon, Netflix DVD, first viewing

November 2011

  • V for Vendetta, DVD, third viewing
  • Johnny English Reborn, @ theater, first viewing
  • Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene, @ theater, first viewing
  • Sylvia, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • The Muppets, @ theater, first viewing
  • Hugo, @ theater, first viewing

December 2011

  • Moneyball, @ theater, first viewing
  • Eurotrip, DVD, first viewing
  • Love and Other Drugs, HBO, first viewing
  • Send Me No Flowers, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Lover Come Back, Netflix streaming, first viewing
  • Young Adult, @ theater, first viewing
  • The Ides of March, @ theater, second viewing
  • Home Alone, DVD, seventh viewing
  • Muppet Family Christmas, VHS, fifth viewing
  • A Very Brady Christmas, VHS, third viewing
  • The Adventures of Tintin, @ theater, first viewing
  • The 12 Chairs, DVD, first viewing
  • Return To Me, DVD, third viewing
  • Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, @ theater, first viewing


In making this list I realized just how much  Marshal McLuhan’s old adage “The Medium is the Message” actually matters. Granted, I still don’t completely agree with him, but my position has moved from ‘staunchly oppose’ (as I did in college), to ‘primarily disagree’ – a big step for me. The medium does matter, but it’s not the message. Watching Muppet Family Christmas on VHS adds to the nostalgic feeling I get each time I view the film, but it does not override or replace the ultimate message that family, friends, and relationships are truly valuable and should be celebrated over any Christmas gift one could give or receive. This is a message that I think will still hold true if I watch in it on DVD next year (I’m in the market as the VHS copy seems to be on its way out.).

Alternatively, I am certain that watching Cowboys vs. Aliens and Captain America  as a double feature at an old school drive-in theater on Cape Cod added to each of the film’s overwhelming Americana tone and actually made me enjoy them more. If I hadn’t watched them at the drive-in I probably would have complained more vehemently about the sheer waste of resources that is Cowboys vs. Aliens, or how Captain America is not worth the effort (both for the viewers and for those behind the cameras).

The difference in film-watching mediums that I believe matters the most is whether one sees a film in the theaters or at home on a TV, computer, tablet, phone, etc. Watching a movie in theaters is more of an experience;  it requires (in theory) more decision making, more effort, and more resources. The theater also envelopes you in the movie watching experience – the picture is clear, the sound is booming, the lighting dark, and (hopefully) the distractions are minimal. This is my preferred way of watching films as I feel that this is the way they are intended to be seen (not just for the money, but again, to evoke a visceral experience in a viewer).

The medium is not the message in the case of movies. It’s just another lens through which we view them. 

4 Responses to “The movies of my 2011”
  1. Nate Valence says:

    Very cool. It is important how you watch a movie and I love how you label them like you do. I may have to take a cue from you start doing that myself. And also keeping track of subsequent viewings. God, you’re an even nerdier list-maker than I am, that’s amazing.

  2. psychcine says:

    Haha – thanks Nate! That’s high praise coming from you 🙂

  3. JD says:

    How am I just finding out about this blog?

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