The movies of my 2011

  This time last year I decided to record all of the movies I watched, how I watched them, and the number of times I had seen the particular film. The list below is a concise recording of every film I watched from beginning to end, no matter how much I love or hate to … Continue reading

My Adventures with Tintin

It’s winter break! For me the week between Christmas and the New Year is traditionally filled with friends, family and fun. And by “friends” I specifically mean old friends, the ones I have had the pleasure of knowing since high school, middle school, and even elementary school. I consider myself incredibly fortunate 🙂 Yesterday a small … Continue reading

The End & The Beginning

“There is a persistent sense that cinema imitates the movement of the mind, that there is a correspondence (however elusive) to be discovered between psyche and cinema. “ ~ Vicky Lebeau, author of Psychoanalysis and Cinema: The Play of Shadows Welcome! It’s the end of the year and the beginning of this blog – a space … Continue reading