‘Hope Springs’ eternal

One of the reasons why I adore movies is because of their ability to communicate meaningful messages to a wide audience, the emphasis here being on ‘meaningful’.  Hope Springs is one such film as it effectively conveys one of life’s more difficult messages, namely, the struggles of aging in marriage. In my experience as someone … Continue reading

Shame: an unabashed review

It seems strange to admit that I loved director Steve McQueen’s Shame, but I did. Shame is unnerving, disheartening and at times downright difficult to watch, but more importantly, the film is a brutally honest and intimate portrayal of human depravity, impeccably depicted by a talented cast and gifted director. Shame tells the story of … Continue reading

What I smuggled out of Contraband

I recently caught a late night showing of newcomer Baltasar Kormakur’s film, Contraband, on a whim. The marketing of this film hit Boston heavy, as I suspect every Mark Wahlberg film does as he and his brothers are hometown celebrities. However, when I first saw the posters, billboards and eventually the action-packed trailer, I had zero … Continue reading