The Hunger Games: satisfying not satiating

When I picked up a copy of Suzanne Collins book “The Hunger Games” I had high hopes. The novel was highly recommended to me by friends, colleagues, and even my former students (all tweens). After reading all three books and seeing the recently released film I’m left feeling satisfied, but with little else. Lengthy, but … Continue reading

The Lorax: A review you thneed to read

I think it must be especially challenging to take a beloved book and translate it to film. I think it must be an even a greater undertaking to adapt a highly praised and cherished children’s book that is shorter than a novella (to say the least) into an 86 minute 3D feature. That is to … Continue reading

(When I went) Haywire: A Review

I would not have seen Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, Haywire, if it hadn’t been for the review I happened to catch on NPR. The review made the film sound stylish, original and thoughtfully executed (which is not how the trailer portrayed the film with its’ clips of violence and over-the-top music). So I bought a ticket and hoped for … Continue reading

My Adventures with Tintin

It’s winter break! For me the week between Christmas and the New Year is traditionally filled with friends, family and fun. And by “friends” I specifically mean old friends, the ones I have had the pleasure of knowing since high school, middle school, and even elementary school. I consider myself incredibly fortunate 🙂 Yesterday a small … Continue reading

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